Mario Kart 8DX About participatory type


*If you do not follow the instructions below, or if you judge that your manners as a participant are inappropriate, we will refuse your participation.

《Participation conditions and rules》

  1. Those who wish to participate should check the tournament number displayed on the broadcast screen.

  2. It is prohibited to publish the tournament number outside the broadcast.

  3. Participation can only be done once on a first-come, first-served basis.

  4. Only if the organizer allows the second participation, the person who participated once can participate again.

  5. ​Participants should write the name of the character who will participate in the comments in the broadcast.                              

  6. Subscribe to our channel and give us a high rating. ​It will be an encouragement for future activities.

* If you do not write your character name, you will not be able to participate.

​​《About game rules》

  • Tournament

  • Individual match

  • Number of players: 8 to 12 people. Add CPU if there are less than 7 participants.

  • For other tournament rules, please follow the instructions of the organizer.


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